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Seles Wilder
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Seles likes to think she's changed a lot in the past three years -- and she has. She's a lot more comfortable with herself, and her relationships with both her mother, Juliet Wilder (frostblossom), and her brother, Zelos Wilder (hottest_chosen) have become much more positive. However, at her heart, Seles is still the self-conscious little girl who craves the attention and company of her older brother. Her abandonment issues aren't helped at all by Zelos' flighty nature. However, thanks to the company of her clone (whom she considered to be her sister, and closest friend), Ellie (omg_absolute), Seles has "softened" a considerable bit ... but not completely. Instead of prickles and thorns, Seles utilizes sarcasm as a deadly weapon.

Seles spends most of her time helping Pronyma (whom she refers to as "the Boss Lady") run the Ranch, and take care of the healers. Part secretary, part nurse, and part spy, Seles is the deadliest thing you've ever met -- on roller skates. When she's not working (or babysitting her nephew and Pronyma's twins), she enjoys getting into various escapades with Ellie and teasing the residents of the Ranch. While an accomplished swordswoman, Seles has mostly moved her studies in fighting towards the magical end of things. She treats studying offensive magic as a sort of hobby, having recently mastered lightning magic up to the Indignation level and has since moved onto earth magic, in the hopes of learning Gravity Well.

She and Ellie often refer to themselves as the "Wonder Twins".

(This is IC!Seles' journal, maintained by relares for the omg_symphonia RPG. Because of the limited range of Seles pictures out there, she's portrayed by a hodge-podge of normal Seles imagery, fanart, and sometimes Mamimi from FLCL.)

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